‘leave a little wherever you go’

I’m Sarah, the founder and director of Reliable Resourcing (RR), Single Mother By Choice & Chance (SMBC), and author. I’m passionate about normalising the rising trend of SMBC and encouraging women everywhere to empower themselves in their choices around having a family.

In my day job, I have full responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development and experience of RR’s most important asset – its clients and candidates. I champion RR’s mission to offer exceptional talent solutions to complement the ever-evolving technological landscape from inception to completion. We provide high-quality technology and business talent strategies with a proven track record of delivering complex resource solutions. This love affair is in its fifth year now and growing strong. 

As an SMBC, my true love is my son, Maximilian, and I am completely dedicated to raising him to become the best version of himself. I experienced the feeling of real love for the first time during the birth of my gorgeous boy. Over time I have discovered that the wonder of real love is in becoming truly vulnerable, to open ourselves to the greatest possibility of the highest highs and lowest lows. As a mother I have the physical manifestation of my love walking around the world for the rest of my life, outside of my body.

I was transformed at the moment of his birth. The choices I made before this experience of real love were very different, because at the centre of my universe is my TRUE love. Real love will change you. It will crack and shift the ground beneath your feet. It will make you float effortlessly like walking on pure sunshine. But real love is immeasurable. It is what we live for. My dear sweet Maximilian is what empowers me to continue. Motherhood is wonderful, wild and most definitely the hardest and best job in the whole wide world.

As an author, I write intuitively and passionately. I stay open to what my soul needs to share, and trust that it is significant enough to keep pursuing. The Special Two originated through personal experience to explain IVF donor conception with love, emotion and depth. To ensure a child from a very young age understands their conception was carefully planned, deeply considered and they have purpose and bring so much meaning. To never doubt that they were wanted, and to always know they were meant to be here on this earth. I wanted a story to read to my son that would highlight the amazing and wonderful journey of how he entered the world. It’s a truly magical personal journey that was only achievable through a completely selfless and compassionate man who gave the gift of life. This is not only a story for all the SMBCs to read to their children, it’s a tribute for all the men who enabled all these precious children to be with us in this world, and a celebration of mothers everywhere.